Inductive Resources

Do you learn best when you discover important truths for yourself? This is called inductive learning. A deductive learning approach tends to be more prevalent in traditional educational and religious institutions. But inductive learning allows you to be involved in what you learn, rather than simply being a passive recipient of information—say, in a lecture hall or a church.

Inductive Learning thrives in a small discussion group with three key elements:

1. Time-tested guidelines
2. Trained facilitators
3. Inductive resources

Inductive resources raise great questions that open up the learning process for everyone. Thoughtful, challenging questions create stimulating and diverse small group discussions through which people learn from one another with focused thinking about the topic. This is in contrast to a more traditional group discussion guide in which the author is a teacher and you are the students.  Often, you don’t have to think much for yourself as there are particular answers for each question.  This can shut down conversation and discussion rather than fuel it.

Great questions (rather than neatly packaged answers given by a book or teacher) guide the process for inductive learning. When you have doubts or major questions about subject matter such as God and the Bible, an inductive learning approach supported by good inductive discussion questions gives you ample opportunity to question, examine and discuss sensitive faith-related topics in a small group that is facilitated with healthy small group guidelines.

All Q Place resources are inductive in nature. Q Place discussion guides help groups tackle a variety of tough questions about God and sections of the Bible through the inductive learning style. Check out our discussion guides for Questions about God  and for Bible Study Discussions.

In addition, we are on the lookout for resources produced by other organizations that will help groups examine, process, and discuss faith-related topics. We highly recommend a web-based resource called Explore God. At, you'll find an abundance of short, thought-provoking videos about tough spiritual questions that many people are asking.