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How can I invite people I know
into a group for spiritual seekers?

How can I ask questions
that open up great discussions?

How can I help people process spiritual questions
and come to new conclusions?

How can I plan a holiday gathering
that could launch a group?


These are common questions for Christians who are on the journey of starting a Q Place.

And we are here to help!

In August, Q Place is launching the Initiator Forum, a monthly videoconference where you can get support, encouragement, and tips from those who have been where you are now. It’s a valuable opportunity for training on specific topics—plus time for your unique questions.

Who Can Join the Initiator Forum?

The Initiator Forum is for people who are getting ready to start a Q Place or who are already facilitating a group for spiritual seekers. It’s designed especially for those who have gone through Q Place Coaching. (If you have yet to go through Q Place’s 7-session Coaching and you don’t yet have a Q Place group going, coaching is the place to start. Check it out here.)

And after Q Place Coaching, don’t miss the monthly Initiator Forum! You will sharpen your skills, connect with experienced Q Place initiators, and get the support you need and your questions answered!

Nancy Klaassen
Q Place Initiator Forum Coordinator

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