Four Christmas Studies for Your Group

christmas-studies-graphic-1Set aside a time in December for a Christmas celebration with your small group! Plan on festive refreshments and use a one-session Christmas discussion for a meaningful focus on the coming of Jesus.

This could be a great time to invite others to come and see how you process Scripture and make significant discoveries together.

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The Cost of Christmas
In the rush of the Christmas season we can be so preoccupied with buying and making gifts that we don’t take time to think about God’s gift to us, his Son. The events of the first Christmas remind us of the real cost of Christmas–its cost in the lives of those involved with the birth of Christ, and the supreme cost to God himself.

Who Is This Child?
Choosing a name was not an issue for Mary and Joseph. But grasping the meaning of the names of Mary’s baby helps each generation to answer the question, “Who is this child?”

The Greatest Gift
During the Christmas season when we prepare gifts for others in honor of Christ’s birthday, it is important that we take time to understand, appreciate, and receive God’s gift to us.

Empty or Full?
A Jewish widow and her foreign daughter-in-law came to Bethlehem centuries before Mary arrived in that small town. These events that centered in Bethlehem point the way for us to become whole, complete, and full—as God intends us to be.

If your group includes people who are relatively new to the Bible, “The Cost of Christmas” and “Who Is This Child?” are likely to be a good match. “The Greatest Gift” and “Empty or Full” delve into greater topical depth.

You can also choose one of these studies—or just one section of a study—as part of a meaningful Christmas celebration with your family, friends, or neighbors.

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