Finding Your Triad

When you’re starting a Q Place, don’t do it alone! You could start with just one partner, but it's best to team up with two other followers of Jesus. Together you will be an initiator triad—the nucleus of your new Q Place. Then you can become equipped together and support each other all through the process of starting a group to discuss questions about life, God, and the Bible with people who believe differently.

Essential Qualities

Pray and look for Christians who seek to love God and love people.

The acronym FAITH highlights essential initiator qualities, so ask yourself if individuals that you are considering are:

  • Faithful. Do they follow through?
  • Available. Will they make time for your group?
  • Inspired. Are they growing in Jesus?
  • Teachable. Are they open to the Q Place approach?
  • Humble. Will they serve with a sensitive heart?

How to Find Your Triad

Start by identifying where God is leading you to start a Q Place. (Your workplace? Your neighborhood? Your YMCA or fitness center?) Pray for God to guide you to Christians who would be a natural fit for starting a group in that area. If you don’t know the location, then go ahead and pray for a triad that will help you with that question—and keep your eyes open! Once you think you have found someone, be sure to ask the person directly and personally.

  1. Ask your pastor or other church leaders. They may know someone who might be interested in learning how to start a Q Place with you.
  2. Talk to people who know about the 9 Arts. If your church has gone through Q Place’s 9 Arts curriculum, talk with individuals who have been practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations and let them know you are looking for triad members so you can start a Q Place.
  3. Look around you. Ask a Christian neighbor, co-worker, or friend to be in your triad.

Get the inside story of a real-life Q Place triad in the video, just below!  For more help in starting your own triad, check out the Q Place resource Find Your Triad.

A Triad in Action