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Explore God is a website with credible video and article content for people with spiritual questions and curiosities. What you'll find is an ever-expanding collection of original and curated content from many of the world's best minds, exploring topics about God, the Bible and the meaning of life. Explore God videos and discussion questions find a natural fit in a Q Place setting. As you'll see in the PDF, below, the guidelines, expectations, and values of Explore God discussion group facilitators reflect all of the best practices for Q Place initiators.

Contents of the Explore God Discussion Group Facilitator's Guide
(Download PDF below):

Explore God Distinctives

Invite Questions
Create Conversation
Promote Experiential Learning
Inspire Self-Discovery

Facilitator Overview

Facilitator Guidelines
Facilitator Expectations
Facilitator Values

Group Gatherings

Group Participants
Group Conversations
Group Meeting Location

Discussion Group Session Outline

Watch & Discuss Video 1: Pulse of the World (10 min.)
Watch & Discuss Video 2: The Curiosity Collective (25-30 min.)
Wrap-Up and Follow-Up Resources (10 min.)

The 7 Big Questions Series with questions for discussion after each video:

Session 1: Does Life Have a Purpose?
Session 2: Is There a God?
Session 3: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
Session 4: Is Christianity Too Narrow?
Session 5: Is Jesus Really God?
Session 6: Is the Bible Reliable?
Session 7: Can I Know God Personally?