Being a Friend of Sinners - Hugh Halter

At VITAL Conference, Hugh Halter asked a question and clearly touched a nerve: How did Jesus become known as a friend of sinners?

Few questions are more relevant for the church today. By and large we've forgotten how to do this.

This year's VITAL Conference will address these and other top-priority topics for pastors and church leaders.

Join Hugh Halter, along with Jeff Klein and Mary Schaller, at 2016 VITAL Conference in greater Chicago. The conference is designed to help pastors and church leaders consider new perspectives on engaging friends and neighbors the way Jesus did. You'll walk away encouraged with:

  • Practical ideas to mobilize Christians for evangelism
  • New ideas for sharing Christ in a post-Christian context
  • Tools for migrating a church from an inward to an outward focus

*Please note this is a one-day conference with two days to choose from: Friday, Oct 14, or Saturday, Oct 15.

Refunds will be issued through October 6, 2016