An Open Letter from Jeff Klein

Dear Church,

Are we carrying out God’s mission here on earth? Are we loving, are we helping, are we truly making disciples? What exactly are we doing?

Three years ago, I recorded an open letter on video challenging the church to examine how it was impacting the lives of those living in their neighborhoods. Since then it seems little has changed.

Our world is in pain, and our neighbors are in pain. What is the church offering those around us who are in the most need? How can church leaders equip and mobilize a generation of Christians to engage their communities and make new disciples of Jesus?

Does the message of this video still resonate with you?

I hope you can join us at Vital 2016. You will be invigorated with fresh ideas for getting people out of their seats and into their neighborhoods. This one-day conference will be well-worth your time.

In His Grip,
Jeff Klein

Join Jeff Klein, along with Hugh Halter and Mary Schaller, at 2016 VITAL Conference in greater Chicago. The conference is designed to help pastors and church leaders consider new perspectives on engaging friends and neighbors the way Jesus did. You'll walk away encouraged with:

  • Practical ideas to mobilize Christians for evangelism
  • New ideas for sharing Christ in a post-Christian context
  • Tools for migrating a church from an inward to an outward focus

*Please note this is a one-day conference with two days to choose from: Friday, Oct 14, or Saturday, Oct 15.

Refunds will be issued through October 6, 2016