Day of Prayer


We want to include your prayer requests in our Day of Prayer.

Many Q Place groups are getting back together in late August and early September after a summertime break. New groups are also getting ready to launch!

We are serious about providing materials, coaching, and support for all of these groups, but we believe that the most important thing we can do—as a ministry and as group initiators ourselves—is to pray!

We need the work of God’s Spirit in us and in our groups, helping everyone in all of these groups to make discoveries and take action.

So on Wednesday, August 30, our staff will focus prayer on specific requests. We have received prayer requests from all over the country. Would you like to send us yours?

  • How can we pray for your group? Are you struggling with a specific challenge? Do you need wisdom?
  • Are there specific people in your group you’d like prayer for?
  • If you’re trying to get a new Q Place started, let us know. We’d LOVE to pray and help in any way we can!
  • How can we pray for you in your walk with the Lord? (Courage, boldness, finding more time to spend with God, overcoming doubts and fears . . . ?)

If you send in your prayer request before August 30, you’ll have the entire Q Place team praying over your request. Who knows what God might do as we join together in prayer for you and your group!