INVITATION Check it out - a discussion group about God

This is a casual invitation approach, especially good for young adults, that addresses a number of barriers— this isn't a church program, there won't be a speaker, coming doesn't commit you, and this will be a really great time together!

Sample Email Invitation
Subject: Check it out

Hi Parker, Happy New Year to you!

My friends Taylor, Kai, and I are inviting several friends over to my place on Tuesday, January 27, 5:30 -7:30 p.m. We will start with some fantastic appetizers, and the purpose is to check out the possibility of participating in a spiritual discussion group about God. This past year I was in a group like this and it was great!

Here's how it works. There is no church affiliation or speaker. It's not that type of thing. The group is fun! It's a safe, non-threatening place to discuss questions about God. Taylor will facilitate and I will provide the place to meet on Tuesday, but no one will be teaching.

The question for the night will be "What was your first recollection of God?”

Let me know if you want to come so I have a head count.

After the first night, we will see if everyone wants to continue. If so, we would plan on getting together for about 6-8 weeks with a new question about God each week. We would most likely meet on Tuesdays right after work, but that's up for discussion.

If there isn't enough interest, at least we will have checked it out and enjoyed each other for the night. My address is 123 Front Street, Apt. 5B.

Let me know if you have questions, too!