Chain Reaction

By Fran Goodrich

Tricia invited Jeanie, a catholic believer, to a Q place in San Jose about 9 years ago.  Jeanie invited Mary, another catholic believer who was new to Bible study.  Mary invited Vicki, who doesn’t go to any church. Vicki still doesn’t attend church, but Bible study and her faith became very important to her.  Mary has continued in the Church of the Chimes Bible study, but also started several studies in her own church, where people from several different parishes have felt free to come. There are now Q Place studies in 3 catholic churches in Santa Clara valley.

Mary also invited Judy to the Church of the Chimes study.  Judy’s daughter, who lives in San Diego, has been part of a group of women who pray for their school.  This group recently decided they want to study the Bible together, but didn’t know how to do it.  Judy put her daughter in touch in me, and now they are on their way to having a Bible study for about 10 women.

Q Places are user friendly and develop leaders naturally because of the format.  The study guide questions make people think, but don’t tell you what to think.  They stimulate discussion about what the Bible says and means today.  Ground rules for the study keep the group from distracting tangents, mere opinions and answers that do not flow out of the context of the Bible passage.

Q Places are compelling and easily reproducible within and beyond the church…and you never know where they will lead!