Helpful articles and tips for Q Place facilitators and those considering starting a group.

7 Benefits Of Being Coached By Q Place Veterans

7 benefits of being coached by Q Place veterans

As a private in the U.S. Army, I always preferred to follow the seasoned, crusty, old sergeants who had decades of experience to back up what they were telling you to do. Obeying the commands of the young, just-out-of-college second…

A Q Place Group For High School Students?

A Q Place Group for High School Students?

Do you think high school students would want to be in a Q Place? Many people have asked that question. Read Flavia’s story and then you tell me! My daughter Amanda longed for a safe place where she could ask…

Q Place Answers: What Is Your Agenda?

Q Place Answers: What is your agenda?

Q Place Answers: We're listening! You have been sending us your questions and we are answering them. If you have a question for Q Place, check out our questions post and you may even see our reply highlighted right here on Q…

Use Lent To Start A Q Place

Use Lent to Start a Q Place

After we moved into our neighborhood, I found that many people around us were not only affiliated with a church, they were also fairly faithful churchgoers. In so many ways their lives were exemplary, but their personal experience in the Bible seemed to be limited and I couldn’t tell where they really stood with Jesus. For some time I had been praying about starting a group with neighbors I walked with each morning and with moms I had met through carpools and orchestra events, but the timing was finally right one year in February.Why February?
Q Place Blog: A Place For Your Questions

Q Place Blog: A Place for Your Questions

Q Place groups are all about providing spiritual seekers with a space to explore their questions about life, God, and the Bible. And just like a good question from a curious mind can break the mold and take a discussion in…

Off To A Rocky Start – Now What?

Off to a Rocky Start – Now What?

My triad and I will resume our Q Place gatherings around January 18th. We have had fun with Q Place and with the friends who have joined us. However, after our introductory meeting, only two or three (often different) people…

Three Exciting Christmas Parties

Three Exciting Christmas Parties

After we featured ideas for a Christmas Party about Christmas in the Q Place blog, stories of parties and December events have been filling my inbox! Maybe ideas from these excerpts will help round out plans for an event that…

Creating Community At Christmas

Creating Community at Christmas

My wife and I recently moved into a new condo unit which is nestled in a community that houses several other units, each accommodating four families. We were excited to begin the process of meeting new people and discerning who…