Helpful articles and tips for Q Place facilitators and those considering starting a group.

Christmas Ideas To Start A January Group

Christmas Ideas to Start a January Group

The Christmas holidays are a time of year when people are often more open spiritually. However, most people will want to know if you are a “safe” person before talking to you about spiritual things. They want to know if…

If Thankfulness Were A Drug . . .

If Thankfulness Were a Drug . . .

If [thankfulness] were a drug, it would be the world’s best-selling product with a health maintenance indication for every major organ system.”¹ — Dr. P. Murali Doraiswamy Duke University Medical Center, brain and mind health expert An article in The…

5 Tips For Prayer In Your Group

5 Tips for Prayer in Your Group

Praying out loud in a group is very scary for many, no matter their background. But hearing someone pray for your deep concern is not only encouraging, it helps you leave it with the One who is able to help.…

6 Essentials To Launch Your Q Place Group

6 Essentials to Launch Your Q Place Group

September and January are natural times to get a group started. What can you do so that the group you envision gets off to a great start? Let’s say you’ve been through Q Place Coaching to learn how to start a…

Get Answers At The Initiator Forum!

Get Answers at the Initiator Forum!

How can I invite people I know into a group for spiritual seekers? How can I ask questions that open up great discussions? How can I help people process spiritual questions and come to new conclusions? We are here to help! . . .
Easy & Fun Neighbor Connection

Easy & Fun Neighbor Connection

The 4th of July is coming! Summer is here! Take advantage of this unique time of year to get to know your neighbors by hosting a meal outside together. Why? My husband and I are not exactly “party animals,” but after…

4 Tips For Closure In Your Group

4 Tips for Closure in Your Group

For any small group, bringing closure at the end of a topical discussion or study guide or season is important. Celebrating your time together, bringing it to a conclusion, and wrapping it up enables acknowledgment of the good things that…

How To Handle Monopolizers And Onlookers

How to Handle Monopolizers and Onlookers

All small group members are not created equal. Some talk more than others. In fact, some talk too much while others don't talk enough! What to do? Before you jump ship to find another group, try these tips. Your group will be grateful!
What Gears Up A Group For Great Discussions?

What Gears Up a Group for Great Discussions?

Have you experienced a Bible study discussion that takes off—where everyone is involved and tracking together? A thrill goes through the whole group when someone exclaims, “I never saw that before!” What gears up a group for those kinds of discussions? Here…