Can I Know God Personally? (Six 1-Sheets)

What does the Bible say about knowing God? Before you can accept or reject what it says, you need to see what it says for yourself. Key passages from the Gospel of John can help your group explore this question.

This set of six 1-Sheet Bible discussions can work with anyone who is ready to explore what the Bible says about knowing God personally, but it is designed specifically with Explore God's 7 Big Questions video series in mind. You can print off the first 1-Sheet and pass it out right after the 7th video, which is also called "Can I Know God Personally?"

Ideally, print them double-sided. Notice that the reverse side of each page includes guidelines to keep your group's Bible discussions on track.

After your group watches the 7th set of Explore God videos, we recommend that you pass out copies of the discussion on John 1, read through the guidelines, read the passage, and as time permits, try out a few of the questions. After that, you can ask the group if they would like to continue meeting to see what the Bible says about knowing God personally.

This resource helps participants see for themselves how Jesus is key to the question.