Mission, Vision, Values

Q Place Mission

To mobilize Christians to facilitate group discussions with spiritual seekers so they can find God as revealed in the Bible.

Q Place Vision

Christians all over the world inviting people into small groups to question, discover, and grow in their relationship with God.

Statement of Faith

Q Place endorses, as statements of faith, the historic creeds and confessions of the Christian faith including the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed (appended) since these creeds are based on, and confirmed by the Bible, the Word of God. Q Place affirms the Bible as fully authoritative and entirely trustworthy, the divinely inspired Word of God.

Q Place Core Values

The Bible and the life of Jesus are worth serious examination.

God’s Spirit will guide those who are spiritually open.

People grow and learn best when they discover truth for themselves through discussion and study.

Safe Place
An ideal environment for spiritual growth is in a small group where personal dignity is valued and leadership is shared.