"I wish Q Place had been around when I was a seeker investigating spiritual issues! This is where the action is: a safe place of discussion and discovery, where open-minded people can pursue answers to satisfy their hearts and minds."

- Former atheist Lee Strobel, New York Times best-selling author of 20 books, including The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith, and well-known speaker and apologist.


"Curiosity about spirituality, God, and even religion is at a high level in our culture — but so is confusion about where to go to discuss real questions. That's why I'm so excited about Q Place! These groups provide safe settings for spiritual conversations, allowing open and honest inquiry in a spirit of respect, trust, and personal discovery."

- Mark Mittelberg, author of the Becoming a Contagious Christian Training Course, co-author with Lee Strobel of The Unexpected Adventure, and author of Choosing Your Faith.


"Q Place is long overdue. Christians want to learn how to talk about Jesus in normal ways and spiritual explorers want to be listened to without an agenda. Q Place enables for this conversation to take place and when people like each other the rules change. Yay for Q Place!"

- Jim Henderson, founder of Off the Map and author of Jim and Casper Go to Church


"It used to be, in the not too distant past, that spiritual explorers and seekers listened their way into faith. Today people are talking and observing their way into faith. This requires a community of people living out their faith while offering hospitality in the form of listening. Q Place is on the leading edge of God’s loving response to this shift in culture."

-  Todd Hunter, Church Planter, The Anglican Mission in the Americas; past president of Vineyard Churches and Alpha USA; author of Christianity Beyond Belief


"Q Place continues the small group Bible study ministry of NBS, deepening and expanding outreach to adults untouched by the local church."

- Kay Schell, retired co-founder of Neighborhood Bible Studies and author of many NBS Bible discussion guides


"Q Place is one of the most exciting outreach tools available!  It offers an opportunity for people to gather in small groups and safely explore spiritual matters together.  In this engaging environment people can discover the real Jesus!"

- Nancy Grisham, PhD, Founder of Livin' Ignited


"At a time when the word “Christian” or “evangelical” in the minds of many conjures up judgment, or the imposition of faith upon another, Q Place starts with keen respect for the one on a journey of faith. With full confidence that the journey ends with Christ, honored questions by the explorer can lead the person to discover who they have been longing for without knowing it."

Greg Ogden, author of Transforming Discipleship and Discipleship Essentials and Executive Pastor of Discipleship, Christ Church of Oak Brook, IL.


"Few people are aware of the transformational power of a small group of spiritually curious folks gathering for conversation with a prepared guide. Q Place will be a catalyst for local churches and caring Christians ’to get it,’ and change the way we reach our searching friends so that the average individual can experience the adventure of evangelism and life change."

Russ Robinson, small group consultant, speaker and co-author of Building a Church of Small Groups