About Us

As an organization, we recognize that there are many people in our culture who would appreciate the opportunity to interact with questions about God and the Bible in a supportive environment. There are many, many potential participants, and not nearly enough groups available. That’s why our mission as an organization is to mobilize Christians to start groups, equipping them to become excellent facilitators. With time-tested guidelines and solid inductive resources, facilitators cultivate a healthy group process so that everyone in the group can come to conclusions at their own pace.

We have found that the best place to find people to facilitate groups is within churches—churches that are interested in giving this opportunity to people in communities around them. Our staff and volunteers serve as catalysts, getting the action started by working with a group of three committed leaders in each church. We come alongside each church as advisers and coaches and enable them to create an effective, self-sustaining ministry.

People have been drawn to our groups because our inductive approach to learning allows them to interact with faith-related topics. This learning approach is especially important when people have doubts or major questions. Over the years, our organization has recognized three crucial elements that provide an effective environment for inductive learning. These are essential in a Q Place: (1) time-tested guidelines that keep discussions on track, (2) trained facilitators who cultivate a welcoming environment for discussion and discovery, and (3) inductive resources filled with great questions. In a Q Place, people can raise their questions and explore topics about God and the Bible inductively—discovering for themselves what the Bible says and evaluating topics about God after exploring a variety of viewpoints. In the process, they have the opportunity to identify what they believe, and then clarify, explore, and evaluate what they are learning.