A Free Thanksgiving Study for Your Group

gratitude_blogIn November, what if your group set apart one meeting for a special Thanksgiving study?

Martha Reapsome, one of our most experienced Bible study initiators, wanted to help her current group focus on thankfulness this month, and she adapted a discussion from Psalms: Songs of the Soul as a short study on Gratitude. Fill out the form below to get this 1-hour study for your group!

I’d like to tell you more about Martha, as she has walked alongside many of us on the Q Place team. Martha has been involved with this ministry almost from the beginning, helping many groups to start in Pennsylvania and many more in the Chicago suburbs. Martha has spent a lifetime multiplying and caring for small groups of those who are on the journey of coming to know and follow Jesus. Even after officially retiring, she has continued to pray for every concern that is brought to her attention, and we have seen God’s action as she prays for groups, individuals, and Q Place as a ministry.

Martha strongly believes in the value of cultivating a posture of thankfulness through every circumstance of life. For six years now, she has walked through a journey with cancer while her husband, Jim, also endured many medical crises. Without exception, every emailed medical update and conversation highlights a list of reasons that she is thankful.

Even in Jim Reapsome’s recent home going, Martha continually offers thanks and praise to God through her deeply felt grief, and her example continues to help us to grow in our relationship with him.

This past summer we showed Martha a postcard that we developed to help people catch the vision for starting groups for spiritual seekers. The front of the card said in large print, “Small Groups Aren’t Just for Christians.” At the time she was recovering from a pelvic fracture, and as she looked at that card from her bed, she practically cheered, “Yes! Small groups aren’t just for Christians!”

What a joy to know that God is at work through all of you who are leading groups where people can discuss the Bible, make discoveries, and come to know Jesus.

That is a huge reason to be thankful!

We hope that your group will be blessed through this study.

Karen Schleicher
Q Place Publishing Director

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