A New Confidence

By Bill Goodrich

I see many great benefits to Q Place. Personally, I know it has helped me to become infinitely more comfortable with the Bible, how to better understand it, how to accept those things I don't understand, and to not be so quick to accept what someone else claims the Bible says without looking at it myself. Also, to see the power of studying God's word. It is His word, and He will do the changing in people's lives through it. Has shown me over and over that I am to be a facilitator, not a convincer of truth. Very freeing.

For others, I have seen how Q Place has helped other men overcome their fear and trepidation of the Bible and of their ability to assume a level of leadership they never knew existed.

Doing Q Place has helped me in so many ways. I just wish more people could allow themselves to experience the benefits. Thank you for being so faithful and committed to the ministry God has given you. I know it hasn't always been easy, but it has all been good!