A missionary's journey...without leaving home!

By Fran Goodrich, a testimony

I invited all the women on my block to come over for dessert, to get to know each other, and to hear about the idea of examining the Bible, because, as I said to them, "People have found it to be a source of wisdom and help for hundreds of years."

Five women from the neighborhood came that night, including two atheists who had never opened a Bible, plus my friend who was going to explain the nuts and bolts of how to do this together. All but one decided to continue (including the atheists).

We began studying selected Psalms, because I figured starting with God would be more palatable than learning about Jesus. But it wasn't long before the group wanted to study the life of Jesus, so we studied Mark. After that we studied Acts, Genesis, Foundations for Faith, and Romans!

The premise of Q Place is that you don't have to believe the Bible to study it, you just have to believe it is worth studying. Well-crafted inductive questions and wise discussion guidelines keep the group on track. Study guides do not assume previous knowledge, nor do they speak in religious jargon.  All this creates a low-key, non-threatening environment to discover for yourself what the Bible says.

It is now over four years since we started this amazing journey. Each of us has grown spiritually, and the journey to explore Christianity continues. One is now examining Lee Strobel's latest book, The Case for the Real Jesus. Others will be doing some Tough Questions curriculum before going back to Bible study. If and when these ladies cross the line of faith, they will do it with more understanding than many Christians have!