INVITATION A men's Bible discussion group that's not for experts

This invitation is written for men in an established neighborhood who are likely to be open to exploring the Bible for themselves. It provides great reasons for examining the Bible, clearly communicates what to expect out of the group, and emphasizes that the group is not for experts and that everyone will be able to make discoveries.

Sample Letter[Date]

To the men of the 400 block of East Forestwood Street,

My family has enjoyed living in the 400 block of East Forestwood and feels privileged to have you and your family as our neighbors.

For some time I have been thinking about having a short neighborhood Bible discussion just for the men in the 400 block, because men through the ages have found the Bible to be full of wisdom and encouragement for life. Many of us may have a desire to read and understand the Bible but are uncertain of just how to do it. Many of us have never been to a discussion about the Bible before. This is a good place for us because this group is not for experts (i.e. no lectures allowed). The only requirement is that we believe the Bible is worth studying. Neither religious background or Bible knowledge matter and our goal each time we meet will be to stick to one specific chapter of the biography of Jesus written by Mark, a young man who personally witnessed the events of Jesus’ adult life. We hope this simple informal study (guys only!) will be interesting to all of us. If you have a Bible in your home, bring it with you. If not, Bibles will be available for use here at 444 E. Forestwood.

Come on Thursday, November 21, 7:00-8:30 p.m., to check it out and see what it would be like to explore the life of Jesus together in a group where no one is teaching and everyone gets to make discoveries while we’re looking for answers together. At the end of the night you can decide if you liked it enough to be in the group and keep going through the book of Mark together.

Looking forward to being with you.


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