Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions document covers the access and use of Practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations curriculum licenses.

Your access to and use of Practicing the 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations is subject to the license terms provided here.

Licensing for Churches/Organizations

Q Place grants to the church or other ministry organization which purchases this curriculum a limited license to use Q Place’s proprietary content and trademarks strictly as set forth in this agreement. By checking the “I Agree” box on the website, you agree to legally bind you and your organization to the terms of this agreement.

  1. All content of this product is licensed to the single church or organization who made the original purchase. It is not transferable, it cannot be resold, it cannot be shared. Posting any Q Place content, trademarks, or adaptations in whole or in part on unsecured or public web sites or use of any Q Place content or trademarks in for-sale or commercial products or services is strictly prohibited and will automatically void your license.
  2. For multiple churches or organizations doing a multiple church event (like a conference) each church/organization must have a unique license; you are not authorized to share the content. We offer special licenses for multi-church events; contact us for pricing and details (800-369-0307).
  3. It is your responsibility to inform each user of the restrictions applicable to use of the Content and Trademarks under these Usage Guidelines, and to enforce them.
  4. The Organization may record a staff member or volunteer presenting the Content, provided that such recording will not be used for any commercial purpose or posted or displayed in any online forum (e.g. Organization website, iTunes, YouTube, etc.). The recording may be shown or played solely to the Organization.

Q Place reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time with no refund in the event of the Organization’s breach of any term of this Agreement. Additionally, Q Place reserves the right at any time to terminate the license to a specific Trademark or component of Content by replacing it with a new Trademark or Content, or in Q Place’s discretion, issue a refund to the Organization in the event Q Place discovers that a Trademark or component of Content infringes upon the rights of any third party.