7 benefits of being coached by Q Place veterans

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As a private in the U.S. Army, I always preferred to follow the seasoned, crusty, old sergeants who had decades of experience to back up what they were telling you to do. Obeying the commands of the young, just-out-of-college second lieutenants was more difficult. If you are following someone into the trenches and putting your life on the line, isn't it better to follow someone who has been in your shoes?

When I joined a Q Place Coaching group, that's what I found--coaches who knew from first-hand experience what it was to be in the trenches.

What better way to learn how to facilitate a Q Place group than to learn from those who have already led groups? No degrees required, just regular people who have great stories from their own successes and failures, sharing what they have learned with you in a small group discussion atmosphere. Not that our coaches are old or crusty, but they are seasoned.

After going through a Q Place Coaching group myself,
I have seen 7 substantial benefits:

#1 Real-world experience and knowledge. Our coaches have first-hand knowledge from starting Q Places themselves. They went through the whole process of preparing, inviting, holding a trial meeting, and then seeing growth in their small group for spiritual seekers. You can learn from their experience.

#2 Instant, live feedback. You can ask questions and share insights with the coach and others in the trenches. You can also learn about the hurdles they have overcome and hear thought-provoking questions addressed from different perspectives.

#3 Insight on outreach from actual practitioners. You are not alone in your doubts, fears, and struggles when reaching out to those who believe differently. In coaching you can gather ideas to help widen your circle of unchurched friends and escape the “Christian bubble."

#4 Motivation, encouragement, and accountability (and maybe even a bit of peer pressure). Week after week you will discover simple, measurable steps to keep you from getting stagnant or from putting this "on the back burner."

#5 Celebration. You can share your successes with your coaches and group members-- people who really know just how challenging those successes were.

#6 Testing the waters. You will experience a trial meeting in a safe environment so you can understand how it works and get a feel for what your own Q Place trial meeting could be like.

#7 Spiritual support. You will pray together and encourage each other through every step of the journey--from deciding to start a group all the way to the launch of your group.

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kim-basic-trainingKim Taylor
Q Place Office Manager, Q Place Facilitator, and Coach