5 Reasons Q Place Bible Study Guides Are Great for Your Small Group

Check out these Bible study guides!

Q Place Bible study guides are great for dynamic Bible discussions in all kinds of small groups. But what is it that makes them so great?

  1. “Aha!” moments! “The reason I like these guides," one Q Place participant said,  "is because they don’t tell you what to think, but they make you think.” They are filled with good questions that help you see for yourself—so your group can have lots of interesting discussions and meaningful discoveries.
  1. Focus on the Bible itself. These studies communicate that the Bible itself is worth serious examination. The questions do not require an “answer book” or an “answer person” in the group, but everyone can discover from the Bible itself what it actually says. The group is Bible-centered rather than leader-centered, and the Bible becomes the authority for those using Q Place study guides.
  1. Great questions. The questions filling these study guides are open-ended rather than fill-in-the-blank. They help groups think, discuss, digest, and really apply what they are learning.
  1. Great options when group members are brand new to the Bible. Very few inductive Bible study materials are designed specifically for people who are unsure what they believe, who are discovering Jesus Christ for the first time through biblical accounts. Q Place Level 1 Bible studies provide that entry point. And when longtime Christians discuss the Bible with people who are discovering it for the first time, they also see familiar passages with fresh eyes.
  1. Great options when group members have a wide range of Bible study experience. Q Place Level 2 and Level 3 Bible studies cover books and topics that build on the foundation of experience in Mark, Acts, and Genesis. The open-ended questions allow people of varying degrees of spiritual maturity to grow significantly in their faith.